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Nico Monteleone

Multimedia Artist

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I’m specialized in hand painted wall murals, including trompe l'oeil murals, landscapes, kids murals all over the GTA Area and Canada.

 Murals prices

A large hurdle for mural-artists in arriving at an equitable Price for Work done, is the lack of an industry standard. This table was created to be accessed by artists so they could get an idea of what a project of a given size should cost. There are of course many extenuating circumstances to be taken into consideration


• Outdoor Projects - If you live in a rainy area or have long winters, there may be reduced time to execute the projects.  Outdoor projects can adversely effect paint and either speed up or slow drying times.

• Indoor Projects - Working in a commercial local can seriously reduce time to execute the projects if the time to work is only a few hours per day.

• Travel -  If the project is outside of the GTA area there will be travel and possible living expenses.

• Height - High murals can add considerable time and danger to a project. One often must pay a crew to install and remove the scaffolding, making sure it is secured to the wall, filling lag-bolt holes afterwards etc. Foot and automobile traffic below is also a major concern.

Remember: Prices include all Work and Materials but do not include scaffolding charges nor out-of-town transportation and living Expenses.

The price of the artwork is based on cost of materials, the size and complexity of the design and fuel costs if outside of GTA. 

The consultation is free. 

A Mural is generally ready within two to four days. Prices will increase depending on number of days, size and/or number of subjects.

Accepted methods of payments are cash, cheque or money order. A deposit of 20% may be required, and the remaining 80% upon completion.