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Nico Monteleone              


All artwork copyright Nico Monteleone


Resurrection of Jesus

Italy - year: 2007

Acrylic on wood.

San Pio & St. Norbert

for St. Norbert Catholic Church

Toronto - year: 2008

Acrylic on canvas.

San Rocco

Church in Italy

Acrylic painting on wood.

year: 2005

As a liturgical consultant, Nico Monteleone is uniquely qualified to interpret the new or changing needs of your parish. In the case of an older structure, he can balance contemporary necessities with the building's historical significance.

He can help define your needs, develop goals and evaluate options. He also shares his expertise in fundraising and guides your committee through the creative process.

By providing a variety of solutions, resources and media, Nico Monteleone offers a wide range of ideas and options.

Nico Monteleone brings unequaled skill to each project.

San Pio

Donated to a Catholic Church Toronto

Acrylic on canvas.

year: 2009


Private collection

Mix medium on board.

year: 2008

Arte Sacra