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Nico Monteleone              


I studied Fine Arts in High School and then graduated from the Academy of Art in Florence, specializing in painting, cinema and photography. The German filmmaker Wim Wenders inspired my educational thesis. One of my short films, “Strangers in the city” was showcased in multiple film festivals, including the Italian-Canadian Short Film Festival - Toronto 2004. One of my documentaries, “IL CAVALIERE BIANCO” (The White Knight) was accompanied by the newly published La Resistenza Negata by Paolo Sabbetta (based on the same story). In all of these cases, I worked as an Independent Artist, in which I had to execute all plans on a minimal budget.


Motion means be alive. Be alive means be able to make changes.

My work are always based in search of the movement. In search of the changes.

All artwork copyright Nico Monteleone


...E si sti mura putesser parla’

Italia    2009

Campioni nascosti

Italia    2005  

....Dal Campanile

Italia    2008